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Innovative and high-value products for the solar PV industry and world-class design and manufacturing services for industrial markets.

BUSS Recombiners and Safety Systems

The BUSS family of products includes both grounded and ungrounded recombiners and DC disconnect systems. These 1000V products support up to 14 circuit breakers of 125A to 400A.

Integrated Disconnect Combiners

Integrated Disconnect Combiners support grounded, ungrounded, and bipolar PV arrays.  Available in both 600V and 1000V configurations, these string combiners can be configured with 200A to 400A disconnect switches and up to 32 input fuses.

Design and Manufacturing Services

Scalable product-level manufacturing processes provide flexibility for high-mix, low-to medium-volume production requirements. Build-to-print services for customer-provided designs or turn-key product design and manufacturing solutions from concept to production.

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