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Arc-Fault Disconnect Combiner (AFCI)

Bentek Arc-Fault Disconnect Combiner

The Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupt (AFCI) Disconnect Combiner detects and interrupts string-level arc faults as per NEC 690.11. Available in grounded and ungrounded configurations with up to 32 input circuits and a manual disconnect with LockOut/TagOut (LOTO) provisions.

Rapid Shutdown System (RSS)


The Rapid Shutdown System provides remote disconnection of a 600VDC PV systems as per NEC 690.12 and consists of two elements:

  • Rapid Shutdown Controller, installed at the service entry, provides the PV system shutoff means for Emergency Services personnel.
  • Rapid Shutdown Module, installed in proximity to the array, disconnects the combiner box output circuit to the inverter.

Design and Manufacturing Services

Scalable product-level manufacturing processes provide flexibility for high-mix, low-to medium-volume production requirements. Build-to-print services for customer-provided designs or turn-key product design and manufacturing solutions from concept to production.

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