Bentek is a leader in complex manufacturing and engineering...

Solutions for electro-mechanical and power distribution systems.

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  • Design & Eng
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • System Integrations
  • Program Mgmt

Bentek Design & Engineering Meeting the needs of our customers from concept through design to manufacturing

integrated design

In today's fast changing marketplace, taking full advantage of market opportunities requires the ability to introduce products as quickly as possible. Bentek is experienced in meeting the accelerated time to market goals of our customers and managing the process through concurrent engineering - all the way from concept through design to manufacturing.

Bentek’s team of manufacturing experts works closely with our customers to ensure that products can be efficiently manufactured and tested. Utilizing available data we work closely with our customers to base component selection on cost, technical performance, and availability.

This attention to detail in manufacturing design, testability design, and design for supply chain early in the manufacturing cycle helps assure our customers of quality components, a predictable production process, and rigid cost controls.

Electro-Mechanical Build-to-Order, Configure-to-Order

Bentek provides Systems NPI and Systems Manufacturing Services for our customers. Lean manufacturing practices directly benefit customers through faster delivery, flexibility to change and higher quality.

For production, Bentek specializes in low to medium volume, high complexity, BTO (build to order) and CTO (configure to order) system integration support.

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Power Systems Customer-specific. Customer-oriented. Customer-focused.

As manufacturer of complete AC & DC power systems for a variety of end customers, meeting customer needs is at the core of all Bentek phases of operation. Creating complete power systems that are engineered to specific applications, Bentek’s end-to-end approach offers countless advantages over engaging multiple suppliers -- a major differential when partnering with Bentek.

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Utility-Scale SolarCustom Product Design

Bentek Solar can design and manufacture custom PV products for large Utility-Scale projects. These custom PV products can be designed and then manufactured with specific features for almost any Utility-Scale project. Please inquire or use our quote form if you have a large Utility-Scale project with a specific product need.

System Integrations

Bentek offers end-to-end manufacturing solutions to all our partners. We have applied our total integration solution model to various products and we have the capability to test integrated products before packaging and shipping.

Our ability to assemble the products and monitor and streamline your supply chain irrespective of the volume and complexity of manufacturing guarantees faster time to market, cutting across delays that are inherent while moving components from one disconnected supplier to another. Our total integrated approach starts right from design to the bill of material, proceeds to configuration and finally to end product shipping and logistics. Our approach ensures flexibility, increased responsiveness, high scalability, improved product cycle time, rapid delivery and reduced costs.

Program Management

Bentek strives to provide the highest level of service and support through all stages of the design and manufacturing process. In order to ensure that each one of our customers receives the highest quality from concept to market, Bentek assigns a program manager to each project at the earliest stages of our relationship.

Our program managers will assist you in making crucial technical decisions which are the key factors that drive products and features through to completion. Bentek’s program managers translate customer requirements into the product’s process flow and implement these ideas into all stages of development.