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1000VDC Arc-Fault Disconnect
Combiner AFCI (AF2)


Bentek introduces its 2nd generation 1000VDC AFCI string combiner with industry leading string-level Arc-Fault Detection technology (1 sensor per input) that virtually eliminates nuisance trips and resultant truck rolls. The Bentek AF2 enables systems to be in compliance with NEC 2011 & 2014 690.11 while allowing designers to retain central inverter system array architecture. The AF2 utilizes a reliable UL98B listed trippable load-break disconnect switch in place of a typical contactor.  The switch functions as a manual isolation switch and trips automatically when arc faults are detected.

1500VDC Disconnect
Combiner (UTS2)


Bentek introduces its 2nd generation 1500VDC integrated disconnect string combiner. A custom range of load-break rated disconnect switches developed by Bentek for the 1500VDC UTS2 line vastly increases DC collection system design flexibility for project designers and EPCs.

The new Bentek disconnects integrated in the 1500VDC UTS2 combiners are provided in standard commercially available ampacities of 200A, 250A, 320A and 400A. Bentek has expanded on this range to include ampacity ratings of 225A, 275A, 300A, 325A, 350A and 375A.

Design and Manufacturing Services

(Includes Energy Storage Solutions)

Scalable product-level manufacturing processes provide flexibility for high-mix, low-to medium-volume production requirements. Build-to-print services for customer-provided designs or turn-key product design and manufacturing solutions from concept to production.

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