Bentek Business Divisions

Supporting America’s industries with American products and manufacturing expertise.

UTS Solar Solutions

Utility Scale electrical Balance of System (eBOS)

solar solutions

Bentek’s Solar Solutions Division designs and manufactures critical components that are integrated into our Combiners and Trunk Bus Solutions. We provide first to market eBOS technology and solutions. Our over 150,000 combiners show how many customers rely on Bentek for their Utility-scale needs.

Contract Manufacturing

Bentek Manufacturing Services Division


Bentek is your reliable contract manufacturer specializing in control and power boxes, cable and wire harnesses, energy storage units, and more. As an industry leader in “build-to-spec” and “build-to-print” manufacturing services in San Jose, California, we cater to both local and international demands for top-notch power box manufacturing.

COMPANY VIDEO: Take a company tour with Bentek President and CEO, Mitch Schoch.

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