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About Bentek

The Company

Bentek is recognized as a leading contract manufacturer in power distribution solutions. Our success is attributed to the creation of effective, durable, and safe products that reflect quality, reliability and functionality.

Our mission is to provide high quality and responsive engineering design, material sourcing, turnkey manufacturing and New Product Introduction (NPI) support to innovative and market leading, high-growth companies.

The relentless drive to deliver high quality products and superior service is a proud Bentek trait. We take our customers’ designs through our meticulous process development cycle and strive to exceed customer expectations and achieve the kind of satisfaction that keeps our customers returning with project after project.

Bentek headquarters

COMPANY VIDEO: Take a company tour with Bentek President and CEO, Mitch Schoch.

Founded in 1985 and located in San Jose, California, Bentek Corporation began by providing comprehensive design, manufacturing, and logistics services for the semiconductor equipment industry. We continue to specialize in the design and manufacture of electromechanical and power distribution solutions for high-tech and industrial markets. Bentek has developed a range of capabilities, including:

  • Designing, building, and testing complex, highly configurable products.
  • Planning and sourcing a wide variety of materials and components.

In 2009 Bentek expanded its offerings with the creation of the Solar Products division. Bentek Solar provides electrical Balance of System (eBOS) equipment—combiners, recombiners, safety systems, cables, harnesses, and accessories—for a wide range of photovoltaic projects. Our products simplify and speed the installation and wiring process. In addition to offering standard equipment, Bentek will work with you to create custom configurations to meet your specific requirements.

Bentek has proven that it can succeed and grow with companies that share the same passion for innovation, excellence and the drive to lead in their respective markets. We are expanding into new segments including robotics, medical technology and industrial automation that particularly benefit from our local presence, collaborative approach, and our ability to successfully transition from first-time-build to full-scale manufacturing

The Facility

Our cutting-edge facility, spanning 125,000 square feet, is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. With a manufacturing floor of 97,000 square feet, we allocate 68,200 square feet to our solar product segment and 28,800 square feet to our semiconductor equipment segment. This strategic division ensures efficient operations and specialization within each segment, driving innovation and delivering high-quality products.

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solar manufacturing facility



Never Complacent, Always Proactive.

At Bentek, we are dedicated to meeting our commitments. We strive for continuous improvement in everything we do and empower our employees with the necessary training, resources, and support to continuously improve.

We believe that professional certifications are a vital part of providing our customers with our industry-leading products and services. These include:


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