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A: Bentek provides comprehensive solar solutions, including utility-scale electrical Balance of System (eBOS) OEM equipment, and contract manufacturing services. Our products are designed to meet the demands of high-growth industries such as solar energy, semiconductor equipment, industrial and robotics, and healthcare.

A: Yes, Bentek manufactures in the USA. Our cutting-edge facility is located in San Jose, California, and spans 125,000 square feet.

A: Bentek follows stringent quality control processes and holds various certifications to ensure the reliability and performance of our products. Our solutions are designed and tested to meet industry standards and provide long-term durability in various environmental conditions. Click to see the certifications Bentek holds including ISO 9001 and OHSAS 45001.

A: Bentek offers a wide range of solar solutions including combiners, cable and harness assemblies, trunk-bus assemblies for Utility-Scale solar projects, and three-phase inverter PowerRacks for Commercial & Industrial solar projects. Our products are crafted to cater to a wide range of projects, and Bentek’s engineering team is dedicated to providing custom designs to meet specific project requirements.

A: A combiner box is a critical component in solar power systems that consolidates multiple input strings of photovoltaic (PV) modules into a single output. This helps streamline the wiring and improve the efficiency of the solar installation by reducing the number of wires that run to the inverter and ensuring optimal current flow.

A:  Any damage to the powder coating should be repaired to help prevent the enclosure from rust. The CS enclosures should be inspected per the schedule and repaired as needed to maintain the warranty.

A: Please fill out the form at https://www.bentek.com/solar-solutions/combiner-box-rfq/ and our support team will follow up with you.

A: Cable harness solutions are pre-assembled bundles of cables and wires that are used to connect various components in a solar power system. They simplify installation, improve organization, and ensure reliable electrical connections. Bentek’s cable harness solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each project, enhancing efficiency and reducing installation time.

A: The Bentek Trunk-bus Assembly (BTA) is a modular solution that integrates various components such as over-molded harnesses, inline fuses, and compression trunk connectors. It is designed to provide a reliable and efficient means of connecting multiple solar panel strings to a combiner or inverter.

A: Please click the installation demo here.

A: Yes, our solutions, such as the Trunk-bus Over-mold (BTO) and the Panel Extender Harnesses, are customizable to meet specific project requirements. We offer a range of wire sizes, configurations, and connector options to suit various installation needs.

A: Bentek’s Inverter PowerRack provides a streamlined and efficient way to mount and connect inverters. It supports various inverter models, ensuring compatibility and ease of installation. The PowerRack is designed to optimize space and reduce installation time, making it ideal for large-scale solar projects.

A: The PowerRack supports a range of inverters from manufacturers including SolarEdge, Solectria/Yaskawa, and Solis. This contains models such as the SE50KUS, PVI 14TL, and 75K-5G-US among others. Please check the PowerRack Inverter Selection table for more details. If you don’t see your inverter on the table, please contact us.


Bentek PowerRack Data Sheets:

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A: Bentek serves a variety of industries including semiconductor equipment, industrial and robotics, healthcare and life sciences, and power delivery. Their manufacturing solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each industry. Click below for industry details:

A: Bentek offers comprehensive contract manufacturing services, including design, prototyping, build-to-print services, and volume production. Their expertise spans control and power box manufacturing, cable and wire harness assemblies, and energy storage solutions. Click below for manufacturing service details:

Please submit your Request For Quote form for your specific manufacturing service. Our support team will then follow up with you.

A: Build-to-print manufacturing is a service where Bentek produces products based on detailed customer specifications and designs. This ensures that the final product meets exact requirements and quality standards.

A: Bentek’s NPI services support customers from concept through to production, focusing on design optimization, rapid prototyping, and compliance with industry standards. This process ensures that new products are efficiently brought to market with high quality and reliability.

A: Bentek’s online shop offers a variety of products including string inverter products, fuse and fuse holders, solar cable & wire assemblies, and accessories. These products are essential for maintaining and optimizing your solar power systems.

A: To place an order, visit our online store, browse the available products, and add the desired items to your cart. Follow the checkout process to complete your purchase.

A: Due to the high demand for Racking Solutions products, the lead time for shipping may take an additional 5 to 10 business days. We appreciate your patience as we work to fulfill your order promptly.

A: You can submit a Service Request at https://www.bentek.com/contact/service-request-rfq/. Our support team is available to assist with any questions or issues you may have.