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Bentek – Advanced Power is Here to Stay

Solar energy has always been a “hot” discussion topic. Recent estimates by the U.S. Energy Information Administration show that utility-scale solar generation capacity will grow at a faster pace any other form of energy source. Fortunately, in Silicon Valley, many industry leaders have long recognized this and have chosen to put down roots here to continue to focus on their passion for advanced energy. One of them is Mitch Schoch, President and CEO of Bentek. Earlier this month I had the pleasure of visiting Bentek’s new facility in San Jose on Senter Road and talking with Mr. Schoch about the company and his secret sauce for staying on top in the clean energy sector…continue reading.


About The Author:
Tina Kapoor is the Economic Development Officer at SJeconomy and wrote this blog on Bentek. You can connect with Tina on Twitter or via email.