Bentek at SPI 2014

Bentek to Exhibit New NEC 2014 Rapid Shutdown Solutions at SPI Las Vegas

Bentek will exhibit in Booth #360 at Solar Power International (SPI), scheduled to take place Oct. 20-23, 2014 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bentek will introduce several new UL listed solutions that enable string inverter compliance with the NEC 2014 rapid shutdown requirements.Company representatives will showcase the following equipment: the Rapid Shutdown System (RSS), PowerRack and PowerShield, PowerSkid with integrated inverter, DC connection unit, and Bentek AC Disconnect and AC PowerBUSS. The Bentek RSS solution provides the PV marketplace with a universal design that is compitible with any inverter type. The PowerRack has been optimized for string inverters from ABB, Advanced Energy, Chint Power Systems, Fronius, Schneider, SMA, SolarMax and Solectria.

Bentek Rapid Shutdown Module (RSM)Bentek Rapid Shutdown Controller (RSC)The patent pending Bentek Residential and Commericial Rapid Shutdown System (RSS) is a complete stand-alone solution that is highly cost effective and easy to install. It includes two components; the Rapid Shutdown Controller (RSC) installed at the service entrance and a Rapid Shutdown Module (RSM) installed at the array.

Bentek PowerRack and ShieldThe Bentek PowerRack and PowerShield provide installers with an easy, cost effective way to install three-phase string inverters directly on flat commercial rooftops at the edge of the PV array, meeting the requirements of NEC 690.12.

The Bentek PowerSkid is a PowerRack with fully integrated three-phase inverter, Bentek AC disconnect and other accessories.

The Bentek AC PowerBUSS combines the AC output of three-phase string inverters and provides overcurrent protection and disconnecting means prior to the service panel. The AC PowerBUSS can be integrated with a Bentek PowerRack and installed on flat commericial rooftops next to the three-phase inverters.

For more information about Bentek’s entire suite  of PV solutions, stop by Booth #360 at SPI in Las Vegas, call Bentek at 1-866-505-0303 or visit