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Bentek Introduces New Balance of System Solutions That Meet NEC 2017

With over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience in a broad range of both AC and DC OEM power distribution products for the residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar PV marketplaces, Bentek is introducing several new balance of system PV products that meet NEC 2017.

Bentek introduces new 1000VDC and 1500VDC Commercial and Utility-Scale solutions. The solutions consist of three Bentek products that meet NEC 2017 safety requirements.

1500VDC Utility-Scale (UTS) Combiner

Bentek 1500VDC UTS 3 String Combiners

Bentek introduces the 3rd generation Bentek 1500VDC Utility-Scale (UTS 3) string combiner with an optional switched negative disconnect. Bentek continues to experience great market acceptance with its predecessor, the 1500VDC UTS 2 with over 1.5GW shipped. Bentek will leverage this success into the new Bentek 1500VDC UTS 3 combiner by incorporating its custom Bentek disconnect.

The Bentek 1500VDC disconnects when integrated into the new 1500VDC UTS 3 Bentek combiners, continue to drive down costs while providing the PV market with the standard ampacities of 200A, 250A/275A, 320A, and 400A. However, Bentek has expanded these ampacities to include new 225A, 300A, 325A, 350A, and 375A. This more granular set of ampacities provides design engineers with the specific ampacity to meet project needs while minimizing component costs. This will result in savings of up to 20 percent over standard market ampacities.

According to John H. Buckley, VP of Marketing for Bentek, “As PV utility-scale installations continue to increase in size, the new Bentek 1500VDC UTS 3 combiner ampacities continue to offer potential savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars on large utility-scale projects.”

Bentek 1500VDC 2 Circuit Parallel Cable Harness

Bentek’s highly configurable 1500VDC cable harness solutions complement the new 1500VDC UTS 3 combiner product line. Bentek has experienced great success in 2017 shipping over 1GW in cable harnesses. Bentek customers can combine two parallel strings, reducing installation and combiner costs by reducing the inputs up to 50%. John, explains: “When Bentek engineering designed complete cable harness assemblies are integrated directly with Bentek combiners in our ISO 9001 certified facility, those combined material savings of up to 30% are realized with projected site labor savings of up to 50% for cable installation.”

Bentek Arc Fault (AF2) String Combiner

Arc Fault CombinerThe Bentek AFCI (AF2) integrated disconnect detects and suppresses string-level arc faults in compliance with NEC 2011 & 2014 sub-section 690.11, while allowing designers to retain central inverter system array architecture. With over 500MW shipped, Bentek AF2 combiners have found great success in both the commercial rooftop market and ground mount installations. The AF2 uses a reliable UL98B listed trippable load-break disconnect in place of a traditional contactor. This trippable disconnect functions as a manual isolation switch and trips automatically when an Arc fault is detected.

Bentek also provides added reliability and reduced cost by offering Bentek cable harnesses when paralleled in the array with branched connectors ahead of combiner box with no degradation of arc-fault detection capability. Each AF2 has its own self-powered PV-DC Power Supply, which is powered from the DC array. John says “Bentek also uses Industry leading string-level Arc-Fault Detection technology (1 sensor p/ input) that virtually eliminates nuisance trips, which saves from truck rolls that save thousands per project.”

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