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Bentek introduces Utility-Scale Balance of System product line additions at SPI 2016 in Las Vegas

Bentek, with over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience in a broad range of both AC and DC OEM power distribution products for the residential, commercial and utility-scale solar PV marketplaces, announces it will display several new Balance of System products in booth #1223 at the Solar Power International exhibition and conference in Las Vegas September 12th through the 15th.

Bentek will introduce a new family of utility-scale (UTS) 1500VDC products with three products that all meet current NEC safety requirements.  “Our customers continue to be faced with a market that demands continued price per watt reductions while maintaining compliance with all electrical code and product safety standards. Project owners and operators want to be assured that the products they are purchasing are 100% compatible with each together and with all other system components. Our new 1500VDC products achieve all these objectives”, said John H. Buckley, Executive Sales and VP of Marketing.

Bentek 1500VDC UTS2 String Combiners

Bentek 1000VDC AF2 Arc Fault Circuit Interruption String CombinersBentek introduces its 2nd generation 1500VDC integrated disconnect string combiner. A custom range of load-break rated disconnect switches developed by Bentek for the 1500VDC UTS2 line vastly increases DC collection system design flexibility for project designers and EPCs.

The new Bentek disconnects integrated in the 1500VDC UTS2 combiners are provided in standard commercially available ampacities of 200A, 250A, 320A and 400A. Bentek has expanded on this range to include ampacity ratings of 225A, 275A, 300A, 325A, 350A and 375A.

The new Bentek 1500VDC UTS2 string combiners with expanded ampacity ratings are offered in one standard enclosure size with a variety of options including surge protection, pre-terminated cable whips, conduit fittings and mounting kits.

“The more granular set of ratings will provide up-front value engineering opportunities during the design phase by not restricting customers to procuring “standard” ampacity units. This has the potential to reduce combiner costs by 10 to 15 percent with hundreds of thousands of dollars in project savings as a result” stated John H. Buckley, Executive Sales and VP of Marketing.


Bentek 1500VDC UTS Cable Harness

Bentek 1500VDC UTS Cable Harness Bentek’s highly configurable 1500VDC cable harness solutions complement the new 1500VDC UTS2 string combiner product line. Along with the standard single-circuit cable harnesses, Bentek also offers two-circuit paralleled cable assemblies.

This allows Bentek customers to combine two source circuits in parallel thereby reducing installation and combiner costs by reducing the number of combiner inputs by half.

“When complete cable harness assemblies are integrated directly with combiners in our ISO 9001 certified facility as part of a procurement order, combined materials savings of up to 20% can be realized with estimated project site labor savings of up to 40% due to reduced cable installation and wire management activity” stated John H. Buckley, Executive Sales and VP of Marketing.

Bentek 1500VDC Fused Disconnect Recombiner System (FDRS)

The Bentek Fused Disconnect Recombiner System (FDRS) is designed for Utility-Scale systems and is intended for close-coupled installation next to an inverter. The FDRS provides multiple UL98B 1500VDC disconnects combined with 1500VDC PV fuses and Modbus current monitoring into one easy-to-install, compact enclosure.

For more information about the capabilities of the Bentek products that will be displayed at SPI in Las Vegas September 12th through the 15th in booth #1223, please contact Bentek at 1-866-505-0303 or visit

About Bentek

Founded in 1985, Bentek is a leader in engineered electromechanical and power distribution solutions for industrial applications. Bentek designs and manufactures products such as power distribution equipment, wiring harnesses, and custom OEM assemblies for the solar energy and semiconductor markets. Bentek is an ISO 9001 certified company. For more information, contact Bentek Solar at 866-505-0303, e-mail or visit