To learn more about the Bentek AF2 string combiner come visit Bentek at SPI in Las Vegas booth #1223.



Bentek 1000VDC Arc Fault (AF2) String Combiners – Bentek will be introducing the new 2nd generation Bentek AFCI (AF2) with an integrated trippable disconnect that will detect and suppress string-level arc faults. The Bentek AF2 will be in compliance with NEC 2011 & 2014 sub-section 690.11 while allowing designers to retain central inverter system array architecture. The new Bentek AF2 combiners will use a reliable UL98B listed trippable load-break disconnect in place of a traditional contactor. The trippable disconnect functions as a manual isolation switch and trips automatically when an Arc fault is detected. There is no power cable that needs to be installed to the combiner since each AF2 has its own self powered PV-DC Power Supply, which is powered from DC array, and there is no external AC supply required. The Bentek AF2 also provides an optional AC power supply that provides a rapid shutdown feature that meets NEC 690.12 NEC code compliance. Bentek uses Industry leading string-level Arc-Fault Detection technology (1 sensor p/ input) that virtually eliminates nuisance trips which saves from truck rolls, which will save thousands of dollars per project.  Bentek also provides added reliability and reduced cost by using Bentek cable harnesses when paralleled in the array with branched connectors ahead of combiner box with no degradation of arc-fault detection capability.