To learn more about the Bentek 1500VDC UTS2 string combiner with the Bentek disconnect come visit Bentek at SPI in Las Vegas booth #1223.



Bentek 1500VDC (UTS2) String Combiners – Bentek will be introducing the new 2nd generation Bentek 1500VDC Utility-Scale (UTS2) string combiner. The Bentek 1500VDC UTS 2 combiner introduces to the PV market a new custom Bentek disconnect. The Bentek disconnect was developed to meet the specific ampacities for Bentek 1500VDC Utility-Scale customers. These new Bentek 1500VDC disconnects when integrated into the new 1500VDC UTS2 Bentek combiners provide the PV market with the standard ampacities of 200A, 250A/275A, 320A and 400A. However, Bentek has expanded these ampacities to include new 225A, 300A, 325A, 350A and 375A. This more granular set of ampacities will save our customers 10 to 20 percent per combiner since they no longer need to over design their PV system to meet the standard market ampacities. These new Bentek 1500VDC UTS2 combiner ampacities can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per project.