Manufacturing Services

Build-to-Print Services

Bentek specializes in build-to-print services for complex power/control boxes and supporting subassemblies. For nearly four decades, we have been recognized by well-known Silicon Valley companies for our quality manufacturing services and power box expertise.

As an ISO 9001 facility, Bentek maintains rigorous control over each step of the NPI and production build process. Our process for on-boarding new assemblies starts with an engineering review of all documentation (assembly drawings, schematics, BOMs, build instructions and test procedures) and continues through the NPI build process to systematically capture all documentation errors and missing items to finalize the build package in advance of volume production plans.

The Document Control System and processes at Bentek allows us to manage unique Build-to-Order/Configure-to-Order (BTO/CTO) requirements to the unit level to provide maximum flexibility for our customers. All changes, improvements, and corrections are under engineering change order (ECO) control and require written customer review and approval. Bentek time tested processes ensure that we meet and exceed customer expectations.

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Build to Print


  • DFX/Value Engineering/Design Improvement
  • Thorough documentation vetting/creation process
  • Complete build instructions for “Copy Exact” performance
  • Supply-chain optimization to support best price and shortest lead-times

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