Manufacturing Services


Bentek’s highly experienced New Product Introduction (NPI) engineering team offers a range of comprehensive services to support the design and manufacturing process. Here are some key capabilities provided by our team:

  1. Full Design Services: Bentek can accommodate your design needs, whether you require assistance with the entire design process or specific aspects of it. Their Our engineering team can provide expertise and support at any stage of the design cycle.
  2. Modeling/Drafting Services: Bentek utilizes industry-leading software packages like SOLIDWORKS and AutoCAD for mechanical and electrical design, 2D prints, and full 3D designs.
  3. Rapid Prototyping: The Engineering Team at Bentek is highly skilled and efficient in designing and developing prototypes. Whether you need a custom system or modifications to an existing one, Bentek can quickly bring your ideas to life for evaluation and testing.
  4. UL508A/SEMI Design Consulting: With over 30 years of experience and being UL508A listed, Bentek’s engineering team and facility are UL508A certified. Our team is well-versed in the proper implementation of UL508A and SEMI standards and we can help assure that your product is compliant with either or both.
  5. Component Selection: Bentek maintains a close network of reliable and cutting-edge suppliers. This allows us to assist you in selecting the most suitable components for your design, optimizing factors such as space utilization, performance, cost, and lead time.
  6. Design Optimization / Design for Manufacturing (DFM): Bentek’s engineering expertise includes optimizing new or existing product designs for maximum manufacturing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We can identify opportunities for improvement and implement design changes that enhance manufacturability.
  7. Engineering Change Request (ECR): Bentek has experience working with demanding customers, including those from Silicon Valley, and can efficiently handle ongoing engineering change requests. They understand the importance of flexibility and adaptability during the design and manufacturing process.
  8. Project/Program Management: Bentek’s engineering team excels in high-communication environments and is capable of managing complex and mission-critical design and build programs. We ensure effective coordination, timely execution, and successful completion of projects.

By leveraging Bentek’s comprehensive range of engineering services, customers can benefit from our vast expertise, cutting-edge tools, and commitment to delivering robust and reliable solutions.

Bentek NPI project example
Bentek NPI project example