Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

EMS Services

Bentek EMS specializes in the NPI and volume manufacturing of power/control boxes and related sub-assemblies for various industries. We have expertise in helping our customers complete DFX improvements and make each assembly design ready for production ramp. Manufacturing operations include producing complex power/control systems, energy storage units, wire harnesses, and through-hole PCBAs. Bentek’s recently upgraded Material Requirements Planning (MRP) system and lean manufacturing processes support a flexible high-mix and medium to high volume power box production.

One of Bentek’s core strengths lies in their New Product Introduction (NPI) and DFX (Design for Excellence) services, particularly in power boxes. With over 35 years of contract manufacturing experience and DFX work on thousands of power box designs, Bentek’s team has extensive knowledge in handling different design and build challenges. Our NPI process includes power box design, documentation development and review, as well as Build-to-Print (BTP) requirements. We ensure accuracy in product documentation and create detailed build instructions to meet Copy Exact (CE!) requirements. All deliverables are approved by the customer to optimize the quality and efficiency of volume production.

Bentek also offers design services, leveraging their experience as a premier provider of power box solutions. Our skilled team enables us to be responsive, flexible, and accountable to customer needs. By employing best-in-class manufacturing processes, Bentek delivers a wide range of complex power box products with guaranteed quality, on-time delivery, and optimal pricing.

Bentek design services

Overall, Bentek EMS provides comprehensive manufacturing services for power/control boxes, supporting customers from the early stages of NPI to volume production. Our expertise, experience, and commitment to quality make us a reliable partner for custom power box solutions.

Core Manufacturing Services

Production Ramp Ready Process

Prototype to Turnkey Volume Production

Early NPI

Extension of customer’s staff:

  • Create or optimize design for low cost, high reliability, safety & manufacturability using extensive DFX experience gained over years in the business
  • BOM creation (review and/or completion as needed)
  • UL 508A design review

Pre-build Doc Review

Documentation package review and completion:

  • BOM vetting (Optimize for low cost, lead-time, accuracy)
  • Assembly drawings (Red-lines provided if needed)
  • Schematics (Red-lines provided if needed)
  • Torque sheets (Bentek will create if missing, red-line if needed)
  • Test procedures (Bentek will create if missing, red-line if needed)
  • Workmanship specs (Will use customers if provided or Bentek’s if not)
  • SOE/OMS (Sequence of Events or Operations Methods Sheet will be created for any product having volume production demand)

Control Build, Customer Accepts

Control build of first units:

  • Built in NPI lab
  • Detailed documentation review
  • Customer source inspection/ confirmation of red-line changes
  • Final document red-lines submitted to customer


Smooth transition from prototype to volume:

  • Supply chain vetted & optimal suppliers established
  • Customer demand forecast provided
  • Order lead-time minimized and required safety stock plans for critical gating items established
  • Production RFQ competed & final production quotation provided to customer
  • Purchase order, delivery schedule committed

Service Capability Highlights

Highest Quality Standards

Bentek Certifications

Never Complacent, Always Compliant.

We are proud to hold the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • UL508A team and facility certified
  • NRTL listed with conformance to UL STD. 1741, UL STD. 1699B
  • NRTL certificated to CSA 22.2 STD. No. 107.1; CSA C22 STD 14 and CSA C22. STD 31 for reference to 1000VDC; CSA M-07; 2013
  • OHSAS 45001:2018 certification – Occupational Health and Safety Management