Bentek Solar Utility-Scale AC Recombiner

Bentek Continues to Expand AC Product Line with New Utility-Scale AC Recombiner

SAN JOSE, CA ― May 2015 ― Bentek Solar, a manufacturer of a broad range of products connecting PV panels to inverters worldwide for the residential, commercial and utility-scale marketplaces, announces that it has further expanded the Bentek AC product line. The newly designed AC Recombiner has been engineered in partnership with Advanced Energy Industries to support utility-scale AE 1000NX inverters.

“The Bentek AC Recombiner is a free-standing unit that provides a means of combining the three-phase output circuits from one to three AE 1000NX inverters,” said John H. Buckley, Executive of Sales and Marketing, Bentek Solar. “It is installed in the circuit path between the inverters and the transformer supplied with the system. The output circuits from up to three inverters can be connected to the Bentek AC Recombiner. Each input on the Bentek AC Recombiner supports the connection of one inverter. In the case of a fault or failure with one or more of the inverters, the Bentek AC Recombiner allows continued operation of the rest of the connected units. Each inverter output circuit connected to the Bentek AC Recombiner has overcurrent protection in the form of parallel fuse pairs. The fuse ratings have been selected based on safety and National Electric Code (NEC) requirements.”

“AE is excited to collaborate with Bentek and bring this cost optimization solution to the market,” said Norbert Apfel, Senior Vice President of Inverter Products at Advanced Energy. “One major benefit of this solution is that it enables larger block sizes, up to 3 MW, allowing the customer to reduce AC collection system costs and optimize installation costs – such as reduced foundations and crane picks. This is enabled by the ±1000 VDC topology of the AE 1000NX inverter, allowing for larger block sizes without oversizing DC homerun conductor gauges versus comparable monopolar applications.”

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