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Manufacturing Services

Bentek utilizes a scalable product-level manufacturing process to enable flexible high-mix, low- to medium-volume production services.

Bentek uses proven New Product Introduction (NPI) tools, a systems configuration approach, and lean manufacturing practices to directly benefit customers through faster delivery, flexibility to change, and higher quality.

Whether the requirement is for concept prototypes or thousands of electro-mechanical systems, Bentek can accommodate your needs. Self-contained manufacturing “cells” yield tightly controlled production across three key areas – assembly, test, and packaging. These flexible cells handle varying configurations and dynamic production demands while maintaining optimal quality and productivity. The experience as a premier provider of electro-mechanical solutions, together with the proven skills of our team, enable Bentek to deliver the responsiveness, flexibility, and accountability our customers require and expect. Through these best-in-class manufacturing processes, Bentek continues to deliver a broad range of highly configurable and complex system assembly services to our power distribution customers.



Production Tracking

Bentek utilizes a data collection and tracking system throughout the manufacturing process that allows for configuration control with verification to the relevant Bill of Material (BOM). Archival records are maintained.

Functional Testing

Bentek performs power up and point-to-point continuity testing at a minimum. Test engineers assist our customers with the development of unique test specifications and the implementation of optimized test processes to cover application-specific requirements.

Protection of Customer Assets

Bentek recognizes the critical importance of protecting our customer’s intellectual and physical property and employs stringent controls to ensure the protection of all customer assets. Bentek is a controlled-access facility utilizing a magnetic card access system. We follow a strict inventory control program to ensure accountability for all material.