Industrial Market

Bentek builds finished industrial products and provides engineering design and manufacturing services for capital equipment for the semiconductor, test equipment, cable harnessing, clean energy power distribution systems and more. Bentek provides end-to-end services including product design and development, local prototyping and local manufacturing.

  • We have experience in many industries and delight in being involved with your concept from design refinement to it’s production cycle.
  • Consider us an extension of your organization with experienced mechanical and electrical engineers, a broad supply chain network and a manufacturing team that will deliver finished goods to your exact specifications.
  • We will support you with creative manufacturing solutions and complete transparency
  • We have produced a wide variety of PCBAs, complex power distribution systems, custom cable harness assemblies, automated test equipment systems.

Bentek Industrial Product Expertise

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Capital Equipment for the Semiconductor Market.

Extensive experience with large format machining for industrial, cleantech & semiconductor equipment.

capital equipment


Power Distribution Products

Bentek designs and manufactures a broad range of power distribution products for motorized test and measurement equipment.Bentek power distribution product examples


Renewable Energy Systems

Bentek provides customers private labeled OEM solar products along with Bentek branded PV re-combiners, combiners, inverter racks and cable harnessing. renewable


Cable Harnessing

Bentek designs and produces turnkey overmolded cable assemblies and wiring harnesses for a variety of industrial applications.

cable harnessing


cable harnessing

Test & Measurement Equipment

Bentek designs and manufactures a broad range of point-to-point wiring test and measurement equipment.
test measurement