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Solar Solutions

Solar eBOS Manufacturing and Vertical Component Design for Combiner and Trunk-bus Solutions

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Bentek Combiner + Cable Harness Solutions

Bentek provides ….

  • Combiner Solutions
  • Pre-assembled Cable Harness Solutions

Bentek Trunk-bus Assembly (BTA) Solutions

Bentek supports….

  • Combiner-less Solutions
  • Customizable Compression Trunk Connector (CTC)
    Trunk-bus Solutions

Bentek Utility-scale eBOS Solutions

  • Bentek Designs and Manufactures most of the critical components that are integrated into our Combiners and Trunk Bus Solutions. Bentek’ s competitors buys off the shelf components.
    • Bentek custom powder coated NEMA 4 steel and fiberglass NEMA 4X enclosures for both Bentek Combiners and Bentek Trunk-bus Disconnects (BTD)
    • Bentek patented fuses and fuse holders for use in Bentek solar combiners
    • Bentek cable and inline fuses for Bentek cable harnesses
    • Bentek over-molded parallel panel harnesses
    • Bentek CTC (Compression Trunk Connector) for Bentek Trunk-bus Assembly (BTA)
  • This provides Bentek customers with first to market eBOS technology and more cost effective eBOS solutions
  • Results speak for themselves with over 150,000 combiners and cable harnesses installed that wrap around the earth twice

Vertical Component Design Advantage

Custom Steel and Fiberglass Enclosurescheck

no check
Patented Fuse Holderscheckno check
Patented Fusescheckno check
Cablecheckno check
Customizable Trunk-bus Compression Trunk Connector (CTC) Patent Pendingcheckno check

+ Control Technology Roadmap for “First-to-Market” leadership
+ Control Component Cost

Trunk-bus Assembly (BTA) Advantage

Bentek Trunk-bus Disconnect (BTD)check

no check
Bentek Over-molded Harnesscheckno check
Bentek Overmolded InLine Fusecheckno check
Bentek Designed and Manufactured Cablecheckno check
Customizable Field or Factory Installed Compression Trunk Connector (CTC)checkcheck

– Some competitors have their own CTC but outsource all of the costly items
+ Bentek provides complete vertical manufacturing this controls cost and technology