Large Utiity-Scale Solar Projects

Integrated Customizable Trunk-bus Solutions for

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Trunk-bus Assembly (BTA) Solutions

Bentek UTS4+ Trunk-bus Disconnect (BTD)

  • Standard features:
    • 500A 2P disconnect
    • NEMA4X breather vent
    • NEMA3R/4 powder-coated carbon steel enclosure
  • Optional features
    • NEMA4X fiberglass enclosure
    • Surge production Type II
    • Pre-installed electro-galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized struts (for mounting)
    • Cord grips / glands for DC outputs / EGC / etc.
    • Conduit cutouts
  • BTD Data Sheet
Trunk-bus Disconnect BTD

Bentek Trunk-bus Over-mold (BTO)

  • Custom designed for each project
  • Parallel from 2 to 14 strings
  • Positive panel section used #10AWG wire and is protected with inline fuses from 15A-32A
  • Negative panel section is also #10AWG wire without the inline fuses
  • Wire sections between the panel connections as well as the combiner side trunk can be #10/#8/#6AWG depending on application
  • Panel side connectors to meet the panel manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Wire colors
    • BLACK
    • BLACK with RED stripes
    • BLACK with WHITE stripes
  • Bentek Trunk Over-mold (BTO) Data Sheet

Bentek PV Wire (Extender)

PV Wires
  • Standard features:
    • 2KV XPLE
    • 2% carbon black
    • UL / CSA
    • Stranding
      • 102 strands for #6AWG
      • 65 strands for #8AWG
      • 19 strands for #10AWG
  • Wire colors
    • BLACK
    • BLACK with RED stripes
    • BLACK with WHITE stripes
  • #6AWG Data Sheet
  • #8AWG Data Sheet
  • #10AWG Data Sheet

Bentek InLine Fuse (BIL)

  • 1500VDC rated PV fuses rated at 20-60A
  • Designed for high power PV applications with breaking capacity of 10kA
  • Wire colors
    • RED
    • BLACK with RED stripes
  • Bentek In-line Fuse (BIL) Data Sheet

Bentek Insulation Piercing Connector (IPC)

  • IPCTrunk-wire size: 300-750kcmil
    • Ampacity up to 170A
  • Branch wire size: #10-#8AWG
    • Ampacity up to 89A
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Patent Pending
  • Bentek IPC Data Sheet