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Bentek Introduces Products Optimized for PV Projects using First Solar Series 4 and Series 6 Panels

With over 30 years of design and manufacturing experience in a broad range of both AC and DC OEM power distribution products for the residential, commercial, and utility-scale solar PV marketplaces, Bentek is introducing several Utility-Scale products optimized for projects using First Solar Series 4 and Series 6 PV panels.

Bentek products include Utility-Scale FastLink cable harness assemblies, integrated disconnect string combiners (UTS) and inverter recombiners that are optimized for use with First Solar’s Series 4 and Series 6 thin-film module technology.

“Bentek is proud to team up with First Solar as part of their Ecosystem initiative in order to provide best-in-class Balance Of System (BOS) solutions for both Series 4 and Series 6 First Solar projects.  Bentek’s Utility-Scale (UTS) integrated disconnect string combiners provide the largest selection of disconnect ampacities in the PV industry. These ampacities include: 200A, 225A, 250A, 275A, 300A, 325A, 350A, 375A and 400A and allow our customers using First Solar Series 4 and 6 PV panels to optimize their project designs while reducing  costs up to 20%. Bentek’s FastLink overmolded positive and negative cable harness assemblies link First Solar Series 4 and 6 PV panels together allowing project designers to optimize their designs while minimizing costs,” said John H. Buckley, Bentek Executive Sales and VP of Marketing.

Bentek FastLink Cable Harness Assemblies for Series 6 PV Panels

Bentek FastLink cable harness assemblies for Series 6 PV Panels

Bentek FastLink Cable Harness Assemblies for Series 4 PV Panels

Bentek FastLink interconnect cable harness pos and neg asssebly

Bentek Utility-Scale (UTS) Integrated String Combiner for First Solar Series 4 and Series 6 PV panels.

For more information about the capabilities of the Bentek/First Solar Series 4 and Series 6 products, please contact Bentek at 1-866-505-0303 or visit

About Bentek

Founded in 1985 and located in San Jose, California, Bentek Corporation began operations providing manufacturing services for the semiconductor equipment industry. The company has expanded services over the years to include new market segments but generally specializes in the design and manufacture of electromechanical assemblies and power distribution solutions for high-tech and industrial markets.

Bentek is recognized as a leading contract manufacturer in power distribution solutions. The company provides high quality and responsive engineering design, material sourcing, turnkey manufacturing and New Product Introduction (NPI) services to innovative and market leading high-growth companies.

In 2009, Bentek expanded its offerings with the creation of the Solar Products division. Bentek Solar provides Balance of System (BOS) equipment – combiners, recombiners, safety systems, cables, harnesses, mounting racks and accessories – for a wide range of photovoltaic projects. Bentek branded solar products simplify and speed the installation and wiring process. For more information, contact Bentek Solar at 866-505-0303, e-mail, or visit