Bentek Solar receives patent for the Multiple Disconnect Safety System (MDSS)

Bentek Solar, manufacturer of a broad range of products connecting PV panels to inverters worldwide for the residential, commercial and utility-scale marketplaces,  has received a patent for the Bentek Multiple Disconnect Safety System (MDSS) patent number 8,687,348.

“Bentek Solar continues to add to its patent portfolio with the MDSS,” said John H Buckley, Executive Sales and Marketing for Bentek Solar. “Over the last several years the MDSS has provided significant benefits in labor, materials, time and economy of space.  This has resulted in a  30 percent savings in total costs for several utility-scale and commercial PV projects while meeting NEC 2011 disconnect code requirements.”

MDSS product features include:

– From three to 10 integrated load-break disconnects

per MDSS

– Multiple 100A, 200A,250A and 400A load-break disconnects into one MDSS

– 600VDC or 1000VDC disconnects

– Disconnect handles mounted internally on a dead front or externally

– Bentek zone current monitoring

For more information about the capabilities of the MDSS and the patent it has received, please contact Bentek at 1-866-505-0303 or on the web at


Bentek Solar Begins Shipments of the Second Generation Fused Disconnect Safety System (FDSS)

Bentek Solar continues to add to its  broad range of residential, commercial and utility-scale safety systems with the new 1000VDC Utility-Scale FDSS 2. The FDSS 2 builds on the success of the FDSS 1 by providing customers with up to 24 inputs with a total system capacity of 4800 Amps.The FDSS 2 also complies with the NEC 2011 disconnect requirements ensuring customers safeaccess to service inverter fuses,” said John H. Buckley, Executive Sales and Marketing for Bentek Solar.

The FDSS 2 provides:

• Recombining of up to 24 1000VDC inputs into one common bus ouput

• Visible blade disconnect for an extra level of safety for all incomming PV arrays

• Common output hardbuss bar for easy installation with utility-scale inverters.

• Bentek Zone current monitoring

• Optional heater and ventilation systems for cold variable climates

For more information about the capabilities on the FDSS 2 please contact Bentek at 1-866-505-0303 or visit

Borrego Solar and Bentek Solar Extend Solar Supply Agreement with new Breaker Universal Safety System (BUSS)

Bentek Solar and Borrego Solar Systems, Inc., a leading financier, designer and integrator of commercial PV solar systems, today announced the extension of their supply agreement and first customer shipments of the Bentek Breaker Universal Safety System (BUSS) and ungrounded string combiners.